Kristina Carey, M.S.

Counseling and Therapy, MFC #27871

Parenting ~ Life Transitions ~ Healing and Growth

Mindful Parenting
Processing Grief
Anti-Cancer for Life
Working through Depression

Kristina Carey M.S., is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing with people going through difficult transitions and challenging situations, parents working to improve their effectiveness and understanding, and individuals working through grief, depression and issues from childhood.

She helps people explore and resolve personal issues, heal from trauma, and develop healthy emotional and cognitive skills to solve problems, establish positive ways of relating to ourselves and others, and become more healthy and happy in daily living.

For more information please call :

Pat Saunders at 415-686-6063 or Marty Frankl  at 415-706-1855 .

Kristina Carey, M.S.  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
185 North Redwood Drive, Suite 120, San Rafael, CA 94903